Robert Kerr, Playwright


June 2016

News About Two Plays

Just returned from Pittsburgh and a fantastic recording session with 12 Peers Theater. End Times will be included in 12 Peers’ Modern Myths podcast series and will be released in September.

Also, I just found out that The Crooked Mansion was selected as a finalist for the Woodward/Newman Drama Award. Looking forward to its upcoming reading with Mason Holdings in October.

May 2016

Jersey City Redux

Ventilator Blues is back! It received its second public reading at Jersey City Theater Center. Director Maria Aladren and actors Jessica Vera and Gabriel Spector returned, and we were joined this time around by actors Addie Walsh and Vivian Aladren. Thanks to all for sharing their time and talent.

January 2016

New Play!

My newest play, Ventilator Blues, had its first public reading in id Theatre’s Sit-In Series. Thanks to director Maria Aladren and cast Jessica Vera, Jennifer Dorr White, Gabriel Spector and Allison Siko for their great work!

October 2015

Reading in Jersey City

Jersey City Theater Center hosted a reading of The End of the Road. Many thanks to JCTC and director Maria Aladren and cast Colin Friend, Lauren Singerman, Kenny Bernisky, Hailey Turiello, Allison Siko, and Seth Michael.

September 2015

Greetings from Colorado

In Search Of...Sasquatch got a staged reading at Thingamajig Theatre Company in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Fun times with director Melissa Firlit and actors Skip Miller, Laura Moore, Samuel Damaré, and Audrey Crocker!

January 2015

Short Play

A new short play, “The Squizzinator,” was produced in Project Y Theatre’s Technoplays evening of short plays, alongside work by Dano Madden, Charlie O’Leary, Christopher Ulloth, Grant McDermott and Max Mondi. Eternal gratitude to director Melissa Firlit and actors Craig MacArthur, Synge Maher and Dan Settani for a great show.

November 2014

New Play at Jimmy's No. 43

My new play, The Crooked Mansion, inspired in part by childhood memories of the Wisconsin Northwoods, got its first public airing in id Theater’s Sit-In Series. Thanks to director Eric Parness and actors Allison Siko, Matt Golden, Vanessa Aspillaga and Debargo Sanyal for a fantastic reading.

April 2014

Sasquatch Returns

A new and improved In Search Of...Sasquatch was read in Project Y Theatre’s Techno Plays series, directed by Douglas Hall and featuring Ron Trenouth, Betty McKinley, Matt Wood and Maria-Christina Oliveras.

November 2013

Latest Play

In Search Of...Sasquatch received its first public reading in id Theater’s Sit-In Series. Thanks to director Matt Dickson and actors Kevin Geer, Sheila McDevitt, Tim McGeever and Maria-Christina Oliveras!

April 2013

Going to D.C.

An excerpt of End Times will be presented by the Inkwell in Washington D.C. as part of their First Contact Showcase. The showcase will be in the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company's Classroom (641 D Street NW) at 8 p.m. on April 20. More info here.

April 2012

Upcoming Readings

End Times will be getting two readings in May. The first is in New York City in the Presence Spring Reading Series @ The Geraldine Page Salon. It's at 7 p.m. Monday, May 7, at 435 W 22nd Street, in Chelsea. Giovanna Sardelli is directing. More information is available here, and be sure to e-mail to RSVP.

End Times will also receive a PlayLabs reading in the Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, at 9:30 a.m. (yes, in the morning) on Sunday, May 27, directed by Jenny Pool.

August 2011

To Russia!

My play Kingdom Gone has been selected for a new program by the Lark Play Development Center. It's being translated into Russian, and next month I'll be traveling (along with fellow American playwrights Betty Shamieh and Bekah Brunstetter) to Moscow, where our plays will receive translation workshops and then staged readings on Sept. 16 at Teatr.doc. After that, Betty and I are continuing on to Perm and Yekaterinburg, where our plays will be read again, under the auspices of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission's American Seasons in Russia. Thanks to the Lark for this fabulous opportunity!

February 2011

Reading of End Times

Thanks to id Theatre, Jimmie's No. 43, director Dano Madden, and actors Mara Wilson, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Max Reuben, Andrew Garman, Jeff Pucillo, Ken Triwush, and stage direction reader Andrew Farmer for a fabulous reading of End Times in id's Sit-In Series!