Robert Kerr, Playwright


Meet Uncle Casper

(1 M)

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In this darkly comic piece, Uncle Casper has taken time out from an urgent cross-country road trip to drop in at his family reunion. However, the adults quickly tire of this black sheep's antics and banish him to the children's table. Casper is inspired to videotape an impromptu final episode of "Casper's Clubhouse," his bygone children's show, with the children as his studio audience. He tells the story of his wildly itinerant life; takes the children for a ride on Captain Morgan's magical tugboat to the land of Nebraska; introduces them to the Schmidts, a family seething with resentment over the loss of their family farm; talks about his favorite movies, including "John Doe Goes to Washington"; shares tips on making homemade explosives; and finally reveals the disturbing purpose of his cross-country trip.