Robert Kerr, Playwright


Kingdom Gone

(5 M, 3W)

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In this tragicomedy of temporal dislocation, ex-convict Cyrus Bailey returns home after twelve years in prison to an unfamiliar world of hormone-swollen cattle and carbonated dairy beverages. He contacts Belle, the high-school sweetheart who broke off contact with him seven years earlier, and tries to rekindle their romance. Meanwhile, Cyrus’ sister, Lurlene, pines for a mysterious past lover while deflecting the amorous advances of Cyrus’ gleefully corrupt parole officer, and Cyrus’ teenage brother, JayZee, an overgrown prodigy, must fight off a degenerative neurological disease long enough to present a revolutionary scientific discovery to the military. When JayZee’s discovery presents Cyrus with the opportunity to alter his own past, he must decide whether the opportunity to rewrite his unhappy life, for better or worse, is worth giving up one night of certain happiness with Belle.